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Get Paid To Shop : Mystery Shopping Jobs

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Get Paid To Shop Pays You To Do Mystery Shopping Jobs

Why would Shadow Shopper pay you to go shopping? Because our clients want us to! All kinds of businesses want to find out how customers are treated and what they think. The only way is by shadow shopping. (It's also called mystery shopping and secret shopping) That's why YOU can GET PAID TO SHOP!

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Be a Shadow Shopper: The Ideal Work From Home Job

At Get Paid To Shop we pay you to do shopping jobs and tell us about your experience. We email and SMS you paid shopping jobs in your area. If you have to buy anything we refund that too. You just have to follow the instructions about where to go and what to do, and then fill in an online report. Easy!

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The Get Paid To Shop Promise: No Fees Ever - We Promise!

It costs nothing to be a Shadow Shopper and get shopping jobs. It's the ideal work from home job. We NEVER ask you for money. So join today and get paid to shop!

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How Much Will I Get Paid For Mystery Shopping Jobs?

Click to see what we pay for jobs. You won't get rich, but its a fun way of making money!

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Would I be a Good
Shadow Shopper?

Test yourself on our video. See how good you would be!
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GPTS Certification Course

Our free GPTS Certification Course shows you how to be a successful shadow shopper.
See a Sneak Preview

Mystery Shopping Scams

Australia is being targetted right now by scams. Find out how to recognise them and stay safe.
Mystery Shopper Scams

Get Paid To Shop Reports

Shadow Shopper clients have reports developed especially for their business.
See sample reports.

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Mystery Shopping, Secret Shopping - What's The Difference?

Shadow Shopping used to be called mystery shopping. The term is still used a lot in the US. It's also called 'secret shopping'. All involve having a shopper pose as a 'real' customer contact the business (either by a visit, phone call or on their website) and report on their experience. And then get paid for it!

Get Paid To Shop - Shadow Shopper - Mystery Shopper - Secret Shopper

Absolutely the Best Work From Home Job! Have fun and make money by going shopping.

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Our Facebook page has last-minute jobs, info about what's happening and tips on how to get more shopping jobs. Remember to 'Like' us! (We love encouragement)

You Can Trust Get Paid To Shop's Guarantee

If you do an assignment for GPTS then we will pay you. Absolutely guaranteed. We always pay. We've NEVER missed paying our shoppers - and we're proud of our record.

Do You Need To Contact GPTS About a Job?

To contact GPTS email and we'll get back to you within a day. If your query is about an assignment please raise a problem in the Shopper Centre - that way we know all about the assignment and you don't have to give us all the details.

Watch Out : Mystery Shopping Cheque Scam

The mystery shopping cheque scam is in Australia right now. Find out what to look for and how not to get caught!

Get Paid To Click : Make Money Doing Surveys

Online surveys are a good way of making some extra money, prizes and free stuff. At Get Paid To Click users tell which companies to work for and how much you get paid.

GPTC Get Paid To Click

Mystery Shopping - Secret Shopping - Shadow Shopping
The Best Work From Home Jobs.

Start your Work From Home business today. Join GPTS for the best online shopping jobs, and Get Paid To Shop! No risk, no fees ever. Payment for shopping jobs completed during the month is made on the last day of the month. Reimbursements are paid then also (usually we need you to email / send your recept - check your assignment for details).

We've never missed paying our shoppers!